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        LearningMedia offers a suite of free resources that are designed to help educators improve their skills and broaden their expertise. By offering real life scenarios, professional development content allows educators to learn proven techniques and transfer that knowledge to their own classroom environment. 


        To view these resources:

        • - In the top navigation menu, click the All Subjects dropdown menu and click Professional Development (Figure 1.1).
        • - When finished, click the magnifying glass icon on the right side (Figure 1.2).

        * You can also click All Grades and All Types dropdown menus for additional search filters.

        Figure 1

        • Results appear containing all modules that are designed to help teachers expand knowledge, enhance curriculums, and improve the classroom environment. 
        • - The number of results appears on the left side under the Subject category. Individual subjects appear in the submenu. Click any of results on the right to view a resource (Figure 2.1) or click the filters located along the left side of the page to narrow your results (Figure 2.2).

        Figure 2

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